About us

Our company was first established by Jozsef Parti in 1946 as an individual entrepreneur.

For his excellent work he won the „Big Prize” from the National Market of Budapest in 1980 and he recieved the Silver Degree of the People’s Republic of Hungary in 1985. The Hungarian waterpolo team wore the Parti Family's furcoats during Winter Olympics in 1968.

The profession of furrier was carried on by his daughter Maria Parti as she continued to enrich her natural skin coats with embroidered folk motifs, allowing her to win the title of Young Folk Art Master in 1980. In 1994 Jozsef Parti's granddaughter Mariann Hürkeczné Fazekas and her husband estabilished the Parti Fur Ltd. to carry on the family legacy which has preserved the traditions of this profession through the use of modern technology.

Since its establishment, the company has been involved in various events such as the Christmas Fair in Szeged each year for more than 15 years. It is important to note that in the winter of 2009 and spring of 2010, we attended the Budapest Fairs which were organized by the Association of Folk Art Fairs. These are the most prestigious events in Hungary in this class.

Exibithions and Fairs in which we were involved:

  • 2010 Budapesti Tavaszköszöntő Kézműves Vásár
  • 2009 Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár- Budapesti Vadászati Világkiállítás
  • 1996 Budapesti Nemzetközi Vásár
  • 2004Tű, cérna, olló – nemzetközi kiállítás sorozat
  • 2007 (Helyszínei: Szolnok, Kézdivásárhely, Rozsnyó, Kismarton)Egy jász település a Nagykunságban
  • 2009 (Kunszentmárton Helytörténeti Múzeum), az I. Kun Világtalálkozó kísérőrendezvénye

About our products:

Our core competence is fur coats production. What is natural skin? Prepared lambskin. It is important to note that we never prepare from sheepskin but lambskin because it is much easier, feels fine and soft, so of course the finished product is extremly comfortable to wear. So a natural lamb skin coat is warm and light, compared with coats which made using sheepskin from an early age. Our color and model range come with a wide selection, so we can fulfill everyone's wishes.

Thanks to our professional team of tailors, we undertake a unique manufacturing process, which gives the opportunity for our customers, to realise their own dreams and ideas. Other products: leather jackets, mule, gloves, home decor, blankets, pillows, hats, jackets, children's coats, carpet, car seat covers, steering wheel cover, seat covers for bikes ... and of course, anything which can prepared from skin.

Our company delivers mules, gloves to Germany for many years where we can successfully fit the quality expectations. In Hungary, we are are suppliers of several major companies and we have  partner network.

Our sewing factory is able to create up to 100 pieces of natural skin coats per month as hired work. We have hightly trained emloyees working in our machine park, so in case of large orders we are able to produce quality products and deliver at a fair price in a time fashion.


Natural skin: Prepared, painted lamb or sheep skin which has been properly trimmed. There are variations.  Painted hair and skin side too, or just painted skin side. In this case the hair side will be white.
Sheep nappa: Prepared lamb or sheep skin.We use hairless pieces as raw material for leather jackets.

Decoration Furs:
1. Lambskin: painted long hair, shinny and soft
2. Noble skin: If required we can use fox, musk aor other fur as coat decorations.

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